Please note that no Day Visitors are allowed as from 22 March 2022.
Click here to see details on our upcoming Pool Refurbishment Plans.


As you may be aware, for the past three years we have been planning and finalising the major upgrade for the entire pool area.

Plans for Phase 1, the new indoor pool, were approved by the local Municipality and construction was due to commence in May 2020, and the main project to be completed by December 2021. Unfortunately, COVID happened, and our plans were placed on hold.

At a Special General Meeting of the owners of the various Avalon Springs entities, held on 10 November 2021, it was unanimously resolved to go ahead with the pool refurbishment project as soon as possible.

It was envisioned that one small area of the pools will have to be closed first and renovated (Phase 1), and once completed the residents will have use of a small, newly built area, and then the rest could then be redeveloped (Phase 2).

Although the initial estimated starting date was to be 2 May 2022, the architects and engineers have reassessed the magnitude of the project and having agreed that construction would have to take place in two phases, it was resolved that Phase 1 would have to start before the end of March 2022, and Phase 2 would start immediately after the completion of Phase 1, for completion by December 2022.

As a result, not all the pools will be open for guests during the entire duration of the construction period, being from 22 March 2022 until 30 November 2022.

From 22 March until approximately 30 April, guests will have the use of Island Pool, Crocodile Pool, Eagle Pool and Monkey Pool, as well as the area immediately around these pools, for sitting or sunbathing, as pictured below.


After 30 April, this area will be closed and a new area, with new pools will be opened for the remainder of the construction period. We will update you on what this will look like, in due course.

The Cabana Bar and Lapa will have to close as they are to be demolished, but we will have a mobile drinks station available. The Cafe, Restaurant and Spa will remain open, as usual.

Construction work will be limited to between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday, (with reduced noise during 8am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm), however, there will certainly be some inconvenience from dust, noise, and general construction work. Saturday work will be between 8am and 2pm and there will be no work on Sundays.

Whilst we fully understand the impact that this would have on your stay, we regret that it is necessary for the project to reach completion as planned before the December season.

To compensate guests for the noise, dust, and general disruption during construction, we are offering discounted accommodation during this period. We regret that no additional discounts, refunds, or complimentary accommodation will be granted should a guest still choose to stay with us during this time. Guests are welcome to move their booking to a different time, however the rate applicable at the time of the new booking would stand.

Once completed, the new pool project would create an additional 580sqm of pool area space which would mean an increase in the swimming pools utilised by non-resident guests, with separate entrances for residents and Day Visitors. In both areas there will be quieter zones for adults and separate play areas for kids, trampolines, slides, sprayers as well as new braai areas for all guests.

Should you wish to see an artist's impression of what it should look when completed, you are welcome to visit our website on for the video clip.

We thank you for your support and understanding throughout this exiting time!!

Gavin Hatherley and the Avalon Dream Team

Dear Valued Guest

22 September 2020

Due to there still being limits on numbers in any one area, we unfortunately are still not open for day visitors.

No Day Visitors will be allowed on the premises until further notice.